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Originally Posted by nat75 View Post
Just watch the Davenport-Sabatini matches from the US Open 1993, Amelia Island 1994 and YEC 1994 and tell me she's just slicing it back. Lindsay was heavier though and that could has been a liability then.
Thanks for the reference matches. Amelia Island and the 1994 YEC (that was still on indoor carpet at MSG then, if I remember correctly) would not be as strong an example, because both of those surfaces are slow.

But if Sabatini was dealing with Davenport clocking the crap out of the ball to her BH and was driving through it, then she should at least be on the short list of stellar women's 1HBH.

The Williams sisters in their peak were on a league of their own so that is not the standard to measure all the players. I think Sabatini with her heavy spin and her touch would give the current players a lot of trouble except for her very very questionable 2nd serve.
Henin did pretty well with her 1HBH against the Williams sisters. I'm sure there are examples where she didn't, but matches I remember seeing she could hang at least, and could win more than once.
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