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Originally Posted by PennAlum View Post
Well if he is a 2 star recruit he does not deserve an athletic scholarship and a 3.75 is also not deserving of an academic scholarship. UCLA is probably proffering it as a quid pro quo and expecting to get P. Diddy donations in the future. The only admirable and gracious thing to do is decline the scholarship and suggest that it can now go to families with financial need. Let's see...
2 star recruits do get scholies to D1 programs in football. Football is not like tennis as far as recruiting. There are about 20 5 star recruits or so per year and most schools have 15-25 scholies to give. With over a 100 D1 schools, you cannot fill your class with 5 star players or even 4 star players. Even the top schools in the BCS conferences will take 3 star players. Average BCS schools which UCLA falls into will take more 3 star players and a handful of 2 star players per year. Lower D1 schools like in the Mountain West or conference USA will give out a lot of scholies to 2 star players.

So being a 2 star doesn't necessarily mean that he does not deserve a scholie based on talent. There have been some very good college players that were 2 star rated out of high school. In tennis unless you are blue chip or 5 star you have zero chance at the pros- even then your chances are slim. In football your star rating has some correlation with pro potential but a rather weak one. Aaron Rodgers one of the best QBs in the NFL had 0 stars coming out of high school and there are many NFL players that had 0-2 star ratings from high school.

Justin Combs did get offers from Virgina, Illinois and some other low level D1 programs, so I would give him the benefit of the doubt. Usually UCLA will offer scholies to 2 star recruits that they have scouted in person. Justin Combs went to a prep school in NY, so part of me wonders if he was the exact same player but name Justin Baker with a nonfamous father, would they have offered a 2 star recruit from the other side of the country? Probably not- but that doesn't mean he can't play.
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