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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
I think, as in any GOAT argument, you'll never get a consensus #1. What I would like to see, is who we believe are the top 5 or 10 college players ever. You'll probably get less arguments if you name a group, in no particular order.

I'd go with...

Steve Johnson
Somdev Devarrman
Matias Boeker
Bob Bryan
Alex O'Brien
Mikael Pernfors
Stan Smith
Hamilton Richardson
Francisco Seguro.
As collegiate players, Alex Olmedo and Denis Ralston achieved more than any of those other names. Ralston won the Wimbledon and US Open doubles while still in college as well as playing Davis Cup and winning back-to-back NCAA singles titles. Olmedo won the NCAA singles in 56 and 58 but would probably have won it in 57 if USC hadn't been barred. He won the US Open singles in 58 and was runner-up in the mixed that year.

I would also say that Connors and McEnroe winning the NCAA singles title in their freshman year is a far more impressive feat than Johnson winning it in his last year or even last two years. Connors and McEnroe were so outstanding as college players there wasn't any point in them hanging around beyond the first year; they were playing top level, pro calibre tennis as freshmen. The same can't be said for Johnson, Devarrman or any of the other guys. They certainly accumulated fantastic records but that doesn't make them the best college players of all time.
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