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For some reason, I can hit it fairly well if I'm moving forward and get a sitter. I played baseball, and I think that gave me the timing to be able to hit this shot almost from the start. That's just me-hitting the weird shots well, and not hitting the BASIC shots all that great. But I don't use it all that much.

That being said, I DON'T think this shot should be taught-or almost never taught. Honestly, the worst thing Andre Agassi ever did for tennis is influence an entire generation of weekend hackers with his swinging volley. He couldn't hit a standard volley, so he basically pioneered this shot. It makes me CRINGE everytime I see someone slam a ball into the bottom of the net or halfway up the back fence with the swinging volley. This is a shot that is used, almost instinctively, by people who do not know how to VOLLEY, or just can't. Venus hits it great, but even SHE sometimes looks foolish. I would suggest to anyone looking to add this to their arsenal, to first learn the basic volley-including the footwork, and then, if they want, learn to S.V.
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