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Originally Posted by DRII View Post
Problem is -- 10 or 15 years ago is not 2004-2007.

Hewitt began to falter after 2002 when he lost some of his foot speed. Nalbadian although extremely talented, never got his fitness level up to where he could consistently challenge the top players. The only player who was consistently in their prime when Federer started to dominate is Roddick. And I'm sorry but Roddick's prime form is too one dimensional and just does not compare. Roddick never developed a decent transition game. Roddick's ascendency to #1 and perennial presence in the top 8 speaks even more to the relatively transitional time period of 2004-2007.

Again, not weak just weaker than now...
Whaaaaaat you smokin high again?

Hewitt has never been as consistent as in 2004-2005. He lost to the eventual champion (Federer 5 times! Gaudio and Safin once each) in all of the majors he participated in. I'd say that his best level from 2001-2002 beats his best level from 2004-2005 but overall if not for Federer he would have better results later on.

Nalbandian's fitness? His peak years were 2003-2006 which occured almost at the exact same time as Fed's.
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