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Originally Posted by DRII View Post
Now you're just being stupid...

and you know it.

Don't fall to the level of TMF, mandy, ambk etc...

There is no new rule. I said that IMO to be an open era great a player has to be a multiple slam winner and contender to win or have won slams on every slam surface...

Its pretty simple, i don't understand the confusion...
Yes, there goes the expected attack. What level are you talking about? And whose level?
You have so far failed to explain how Sampras was remotely close to being a contender at the French Open. I asked you for your reasoning. You respond by making ad hominem attacks. You're awfully childish man, get a grip. You know you have a fundamental logical flaw and general lack of constructives. Accept it because otherwise you're opening yourself up to a barrage of destructives which you seem to have no reply to or stubbornly venture to parrot the same set of lines over and over.
Our character is defined ,not by others but by ourselves.Peek into your conscience.It tells you everything.

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