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I used Thorlos for years. Lots of cushion so they are comfy but I kept getting blisters. Nobody has mentioned Wrightsock but their socks might be my favorite. I have tried the drymax socks but they are very abrasive and not comfortable. The Vitalsox were comfy and fit well but not durable. I wore through them fairly quickly which was disappointing. Right now I only use two socks and I am torn between them:

Wrightsock SLX

Thorlo Experia

The Wrightsock SLX has a very dense terry cloth interior. They fit well, wick moisture well, durable and are comfy. The Thorlo Experia socks are similar but with thicker padding and thinner materials elsewhere. Its a very good sock. I haven't had the Experia socks long enough to comment on their durability but so far they are holding up well.
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