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Originally Posted by joeri888 View Post
Rios was better. Bigger talent, bigger titles indeed.

However, Gonzalez will be a LOT more satisfied with his career. Worked hard, made the most of his limited game (decent movement, not great, decent serve, not great, very average backhand, awesome forehand). and won 3 olympic medals.

I think Gonzalez will look back on his career a happier man than Rios.
Rios said in a Q&A a while back that he very satisfied with his career, and has no regrets, although he did say that he would have loved to have won a major.

But why would Gonzalez be more satisfied with his career than Rios is with his? Rios won 5 masters series titles, a Grand Slam Cup, and had 6 weeks as world number 1. Gonzalez doesn't have those big moments of winning big titles, or being world number 1. Gonzalez's best moments were his excellent wins over Nadal and Haas at the 2007 Australian Open, some other deep runs in majors, and reaching 2 masters series finals where Federer and Nadal beat him, which were the 2006 Madrid Indoor and 2007 Rome. Gonzalez's career high world ranking was number 5.

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