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Originally Posted by Rock Strongo View Post
Rios may have had the better career (why didn't I ever see Rios play except for some few highlights? Am I really that young???) but based on the text in the parentheses Gonzalez was awesomer, or more awesome if you may.
What tournaments did you use to watch on TV between 1997-1999?

Originally Posted by hoosierbr View Post
In terms of accomplishments Rios has the bigger titles and was ranked number one. However, I think it's safe to say he underachieved given his immense talents.

Gonzalez, I think it can be safely said, overachieved through hard work and the willingness to listen and learn in order to improve as evidenced by his hiring of Larry Stefanki which led to the best results of his career.

Of the two Gonzo was certainly more well liked among his peers and tennis fans and seems an overall good guy. Rios, was and is, a jerk. It's too bad that age hasn't mellowed him but that's what makes him Marcelo.
Rios is married to his third wife and they have 5 kids. He also has a daughter with his first wife, who plays tennis in the Under 12s. I think he has settled down, somewhat, in the last few years. Anyway, Rios is what he is. He's himself and won't change for anybody. Those who said after he became number 1 that he would have to change and start representing the sport well, were sorely disappointed. If anything, he became even more controversial as he dumped Larry Stefanki as his coach in favour of Nick Bollettieri, and split up with his girlfriend of 2 years. Rios certainly underachieved, though, I agree with you there. But to have done better would have required Rios to change his personality and be serious at all times, and he was never going to do that.

Gonzalez was also fiery and sometimes controversial (2008 Olympics against Blake), but also had a more easy going side to his personality.

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