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Originally Posted by BevelDevil View Post
Because it is known that rackethead speed potential is higher with a 1hbh, in large part because it is a longer stroke, and also because it is a straight-arm pull-style stroke. (Federer has such a big forehand because of such a straight-arm pull style.)

Thus, it is one way that short players can "catch up" to taller, stronger players with 2hbhs. Take away the 1hbh, you take away that advantage.

Do you know of any short pros who have big 2hbhs? Maybe there are, I don't know...
There are lots of them; Michael Chang, Jimmy Connors etc.

Honestly I think it takes more strength to hit a one hander with authority... it wasnt till I filled out that I realized more of the stroke's potential. I was a twig till age 29 or so.
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