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Originally Posted by Backhanded Compliment View Post
There are lots of them; Michael Chang, Jimmy Connors etc.

Honestly I think it takes more strength to hit a one hander with authority... it wasnt till I filled out that I realized more of the stroke's potential. I was a twig till age 29 or so.
You know that is an interesting point. Even with weight training I was never a strong guy and I have naturally skinny wrists/forearms and thus my one handers is a struggle. There was a player on my HS team who had naturally thick forearms and was a strong kid and he could rip one handers. I also will sometimes see more muscular club players some who are a bit overweight who can just cream one handers as well.

Technique or no technique it's still amazing how Federer blasts one handers with his "twig" forearms....
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