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It's an interesting point about more 'short' players on the WTA tour using a one backhand than the taller ones.

The one hander does offer advantages for dealing with low balls, but then again most of the surfaces are higher bouncing nowadays, and on grass bad bounces aren't any near as common as they used to be.

For the one hander, a player's athleticism, court positioning and footwork are even more important for them to be able to execute it properly.

Henin and Mauresmo were two of the best athletes on the tour and were excellent movers on every surface, and Henin's footwork was the best by a considerable distance. She was usually exactly where she needed to be to launch into it.

Many of the taller players (with the exception of Venus and Dementieva in recent times) have been slow and clumsy movers, so they wouldn't be able to make proper use of a one hander as they would struggle with the court positioning.

A very tall British girl Naomi Broady who is 1.88m tall has a one handed backhand, but it is a pretty big weakness partially due to her lack of athleticism and mobility. Far too often she has to slice it because she is not in the right position to hit a topspin backhand. Molik's one hander, while better than Broady's also was a liability for similar reasons.

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