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I had one of these carrot/stick things today.

Opponents were having a field day with my partner, a singles player who hates the net and stays back. They would serve to her and then run to the service line. This left her trying to hit passing shots from deep in the court. It also allowed the net player to poach at will. Not good.

My partner was receiving from behind the baseline. Personally, my first adjustment when this happens to me is to move as close to the service line as I dare.

Rather than tell my partner she needed to move up, I said something like, "Boy, she is really charging the net. I'm going to receive closer to the net. That will freeze her."

My partner did not understand, so I explained about how the server has to stop when the return is struck and how the poacher has less time if the returner stands closer.

My partner decided to try it. Sure enough, the server stopped S&V.

Just making observations about what is happening works wonders. Ordering people around does not.
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