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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Because he played into his early 40s. He had winning head-to-heads against McEnroe and Lendl before he started to age and they started to hit their peaks. It was 1984 that turned the McEnroe rivalry around (McEnroe's peak), and it was 1985 and onwards when Lendl could actually beat Connors in big matches.
Lendl - agree

but mac ? no ...

its 10-8 to mac from 1979-83 , with jmac being 3-1 in slams ...( 79 was when jmac won his first slam and 83 when connors won his last )

if we consider 1978-84 (mac was playing well in 78 , ditto for connors in 84 ) .....

it is 17-10 to mac , with mac being 6-2 in slams ....
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