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Originally Posted by urban View Post
Ok, all these stats, numbers and studies about Connors are false, you have the truth. Fine. Beware it it for yourself. So go over, write some other 9000 posts, and don't discuss with me further, thanks.
numbers need to be put in perspective ...

you were the one who started it ..... I was discussing with pc1 - the numbers and giving them a perspective , when you butted in with this post ...

Originally Posted by urban View Post
The same suada over and over again, Fed was too old, or was too young, or was a headcase - yawn, what is this boring. Fact is, Connors faced statistically as scientist showed, better competition, played many more years, and still has a better win-loss percentage. Take it and be quiet.
and now when I counter it with facts putting them in perspective, you start whining ????? really ??

This is a free forum btw ..... if you don't want to discuss, by all means move away, but when you butt in with a post like that, expect rebuttals ....
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