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So after weeks of wholly uncharacteristic silence, Redknapp is opening his trap again rather widely and is in full flow spouting insulting nonsense. The latest morsel of wisdom being the Champions League is overrated... WTF?!

How this well known opportunist, chronic excuse maker and user of the media has the effrontery to demand a new 3-4 year contract after the incredibly costly failure to qualify for the CL in the most dismal of circumstances (and lets not forget he was actively courting the English job too), well, it's beyond me.

Along with the majority of Spurs fans, I'd imagine, I'm hoping and preying that Levy's rumoured displeasure with HR (and they are meant to be holding 'show-down' contract issues this week), will lead to Redknapp being given the elbow. It does look to me like HR - no doubt with the encouragement of his new agent - Rooney's management team - has decided to start blabbing again in the press as some form of strategy.

3-4 year contract?!

Over to Mr Levy then...
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