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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post

I am still kind of all over the place with my string set up for my VCORE 100 S. Truthfully, I am not that picky with my strings and have found I like the feel of deader polys. My recent string set up was (for fun) Dunlop Black Widow on the mains and Pacific Classic Natural Gut on the crosses. I have found I liked full polys in my VCORE 100 S and have used (and enjoyed!) both Luxilon Adrenaline and Kirshcbaum Pro Line Evolution. I have not used Kirshbaum Pro Line 2 but I might just throw that in there the next time I string it up to see how it feels.

Brittany, TW
Customer reviews praise Pro Line 2. Angelique Kerber is using this string in her VCORe so its worth a try.

I suppose that the Black Widow/Pacific Gut crosses is very plush.

LTEC and Weiss Cannon have pretty good polys too.

In regard to dead polys, in the past I used Babolat Revenge mains (which is considered a dead feeling poly) with gut crosses Wozniackis setup). It was good but expensive.

Regardless, VCORE 100 S is a great racket!
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