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Federer reached his 31st Grand Slam semifinal, which ties Jimmy Connors for most grand slam semifinals of all time.

Federer reached his 7th French Open semifinal. This is the most of any male player ever in the open era.

Federer has now reached at least 7 semifinals of all four grand slams. Only Lendl and Agassi reached at least 5 semifinals of all grand slams.
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Thanks to McEnroeisanartist for the update.
Perhaps the best way to look at it is by percentage of majors entered in which the player reached at least the semis, finals or won the tournament. Chris Evert is inhuman in this stat. She started her career by reaching the semi of her first 34 majors at least and for her career 52 out of 56 if I did the math correctly for a percentage of 92.86%. Consistent greatness. Is it any wonder that she had the best winning percentage of the Open Era in Women's Tennis at 90%?

Here's a few famous tennis players over the decades and how they did in reaching at least the semis of majors.

Navratilova was 44 for 67 for 65.67%.
Federer is 31 for 53 for 58.49%.
Connors was 31 for 58 for 53.45%.
Bill Tilden was 20 for 23 in classic majors for 89.46%. Tilden was 34 out of 42 if you include Pro Majors for 80.95%.
Pete Sampras was 22 for 52 for 42.31%.
Ivan Lendl was 28 for 57 for 49.12%.
Edberg was 17 for 54 for 31.48%
Becker was 18 for 46 for 39.13%.
Rod Laver was 18 for 40 in classic majors for 45%. If you include Pro Majors during his peak he was 33 for 56 for 58.93%.
Ken Rosewall was 25 for 42 in classic majors for 59.52%. If you included Pro Majors during his best years he was 52 for 73 for 71.23%.

Hopefully I did everything correctly.

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