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Originally Posted by corners View Post
I've always thought that tennis is a point guard's game. The average NBA point guard is 6'1", about the same as the best ATP players. But the thing is that there are guys who have played well and dominated at the point that are quite taller than 6'3" - Magic Johnson, Oscar Robinson, etc. I could see those guys dominating in tennis too. It's also hard to picture super-athletic shooting guards like Michael Jordan (6'6") and DeWayne Wade (6'4") not being significantly better at tennis than Berdych and Del Potro. My impression is that we just have not seen a tall athlete of that caliber in tennis, yet. But it's easy to imagine LeBron shedding some muscle mass and absolutely shredding the ATP (had he studied tennis from childhood of course).
You mean like GaŽl Monfils? He is probably every bit as athletic (if not more so) as the NBA players that you named. Body style and mechanics has a lot to do with any given sport. But even still, he isn't even close to the players above him.

But dominant basketball players do not have the ideal body type for tennis. They are too tall. I could not remotely imagine LeBron James being able to play tennis. He's far too big. The modern game of tennis does not favor a big man. Sad, but it is reality.

Honestly, if there were sports whose players could probably dominate on a tennis court I'd say it was either table tennis or badminton. In those sports... the players have to be incredibly quick to the ball compared to tennis... faster reaction times... faster decision times. Also, taking the ball early and taking time away from the opponent is a manner of course in both sports.
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