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I dont think

Graf is one of the Greatest women players of all time........doubt she is disappointed
Here is the thing about Steffi Graf. Yes she is probably the greatest female player of all time. However her career was still a dissapointment given how things looked for her at 20. She became the youngest ever to win the Grand Slam at 19, along with Connolly, but Maureen had her career cut off by unforseen circumstances. At age 20 she had won 8 of the last 9 and 9 of the last 12 slams. She was supposed to win the Calendar Grand Slam atleast 4 times in her career, that is what everyone thought after 1988 when she did it at only 19, heck most were shocked she just missed it in 1989 when she was overall more dominant but somehow blew that FO final that year. Yet she only managed it once. Most figured she was on her way to winning around 30 slams. She only won 22. Most figured she would have an 8 year run or longer at #1 during 1988-1990. Yet she only managed 7 total years as #1 (discounting her bogus 1994 computer #1) and never more than 4 in a row (even including her bogus 1994 computer #1). She set the record at none of the major 4 slam venues or at the WTA Championships, nor did she come even close the most tournaments, longevity, or consistency records all time. Her only major records were her surface versatility ones. She also was retired at barely 30, and had her last spurt at dominance at the relatively young age of 27. Despite being arguably the female GOAT, still a huge dissapointment she turned out to be given how her career looked to be heading from ages 18-20.

By contrast Anke Huber is a mediocre talent and so got more out of her own abilities than Graf did to even achieve what she did.
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