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Originally Posted by BevelDevil View Post
Because it is known that rackethead speed potential is higher with a 1hbh, in large part because it is a longer stroke, and also because it is a straight-arm pull-style stroke. (Federer has such a big forehand because of such a straight-arm pull style.)

Thus, it is one way that short players can "catch up" to taller, stronger players with 2hbhs. Take away the 1hbh, you take away that advantage.

Do you know of any short pros who have big 2hbhs? Maybe there are, I don't know...

I never said average/tall players can't hit a good 1hbh. After all, Kuerten was 6'3".

What I am saying is the power advantage of a 1hbh over the 2hbh is greater for small people, assuming the proper grip is used. In other words, had Henin, Sabatini and Maursemo all used the 2hbh, most likely it would be Henin with the biggest drop in power.'s hard to assume which one would have the better 2hbh since it depends on the strengh and ability you have on your non dominant hand more than anything else.
When I think about how a short woman usually plays I think about ASV or Amanda Coetzer more anyone else. Defenders who would feel more comfortable with a 2hbh than a 1hbh. Of course it would be much harder for somebody like Lindsay Davenport to play with a 1hbh due to the lack of speed.
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