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Originally Posted by Gizo View Post
Yes it was painful.

- In 1995 he lost the final to Slava Dosedel who was a good player but had never won a title before while Rios had already won 3 titles that year. That was the only time that Rios lost to Dosedel in 4 matches.
- In 1996, he lost the final to Hernan Gumy. That was the only title that Gumy won in his career, and that was the only time that Rios lost to him in 7 matches.
- In 1997 he lost the final to Julian Alonso who had never won a title before.
- In 2003 he lost the final to David Sanchez who had never won a title before. Rios won both of their other matches.

Another example of a high profile player who couldn't win his home tournament was Muster in Vienna (he was a runner-up 3 times there in 1988, 1993 and 1995). At least there were other Austrian tournaments at Kitzbuhel and St Polten that he was able to win though.

Moya was never able to win his home title in Mallorca where there was a tournament there (where Nadal made his ATP tour debut in 2002). He was a runner-up in 1998, as the top seed lost in the 1st round to a qualifier in 1999, and lost a semi-final that he was heavily favoured to win against Alberto Martin in 2001. That event was relocated to Valencia in 2003, but it was big relief for him when he was finally able to win a title in Spain at Barcelona in 2003.

Safin could never win his home city title in Moscow despite being the top seed there numerous times and obviously being a very strong indoor player. He was the runner-up there in 2006 and 2008. He was able to win the St Petersburg title twice however.
Thanks for all the info... it was so bad the way Rios would get frustrated about losing some point in a match, and usually would just drag his feet and do nothing for the rest of the match. A big problem I think if had played agaisnt Rafa (despite his comments that he would have easily won)...
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