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Originally Posted by Backhanded Compliment View Post
There are lots of them; Michael Chang, Jimmy Connors etc.
When I was thinking "short", I was thinking under 5'8", regardless of gender. Of course, not many ATP players fit that description.

In any case, I never thought of Michael Chang as having a "big" backhand, "big" as in "powerful."

Originally Posted by Backhanded Compliment View Post
Honestly I think it takes more strength to hit a one hander with authority... it wasnt till I filled out that I realized more of the stroke's potential. I was a twig till age 29 or so.
Originally Posted by pmerk34 View Post
You know that is an interesting point. Even with weight training I was never a strong guy and I have naturally skinny wrists/forearms and thus my one handers is a struggle. There was a player on my HS team who had naturally thick forearms and was a strong kid and he could rip one handers. I also will sometimes see more muscular club players some who are a bit overweight who can just cream one handers as well..
I agree with Limpin here. Good technique should overcome most problems.

However, strong arms can still help, especially when bailing you out of an awkward position. Strength is good, I'm just saying it's not necessary for a good 1hbh.

Originally Posted by pmerk34 View Post
Technique or no technique it's still amazing how Federer blasts one handers with his "twig" forearms....

Originally Posted by Gizo View Post
It's an interesting point about more 'short' players on the WTA tour using a one backhand than the taller ones.
Oh, another shortie 1-hander (retired 2007), Anna Smashnova, 5'2", Extreme Eastern backhand grip. Peaked at 15th. Unfortunately, no clean footage of her playing. Here's one though:

Originally Posted by nat75 View Post's hard to assume which one would have the better 2hbh since it depends on the strengh and ability you have on your non dominant hand more than anything else.
Of course we don't know these hypotheticals with certainty. But if you had to bet money on which one would have the least powerful 2hbh, which would it be?

Even you said "it depends on strength," and you also agree that smaller women typically have less strength than larger women. So if that's all we have to go on, the best bet sounds like Henin having the weakest 2hbh, no?

In addition, I wonder if height itself is at least as important as strength. A taller person hits balls that are relatively lower and therefore can more comfortably generate topspin with pace. That same shot will be higher for a short person, and a 1hbh with an extreme grip can generate a lot of topspin with pace, even on high balls, without needing much strength.
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