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Last year I was diagnosed with hallux rigidus, arthritus, a bone spur and sesamoiditus all in my right big toe and the ball of that foot. I read a lot of forums where people advised avoiding surgery if at all possible and for as long as possible, so even though my doctor wanted me to go under the knife right away, I said no. All I did was buy some Dr Scholl's cushioned arch supports and alternate between walking around barefoot and using those supports in my shoes for the last year. 12 months ago I was in a lot of pain just sitting on the couch with my foot elevated, and I was icing it constantly throughout the day and taking OTC pain medication; now I'm back to running (including HIIT) 4 or 5 days a week with very minimal discomfort every so often, and I never even have to ice or take anything.

Please, please don't rush into any surgery. Start by resting the area more than you want to, and find a pair of shoes and/or inserts that ease your discomfort while walking around.
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