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Originally Posted by Xisbum View Post
Thanks, Zap. I ordered some when I got the clothes - Typhoon and Blizzard Syn Gut. Gonna try it in a hybrid to see how much spin it adds. Where do you get yours?

Hope the traffic thing works out okay for you. Only got one moving violation in my driving life - doing 85 in a 75 - and had to pay like 86 bucks. But that was in Missouri. I'm sure it will be more expensive out there.

I'm kinda surprised the TWMAC group doesn't have a lawyer; I've seen more lawyers than doctors on the tennis court.

Take care.
thanks Xis! your kind words always bring a smile to my sometimes weary day. your writing is also easily a notch above everyone else's posts here. haha yea i do need a lawyer!

if i am ever out west i have to come visit!
send me an email about Genesis strings. mitidor@ gmail com
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