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Lebron is the better player. He plays better Defense and passes better. Durant may have a slight edge with offense becasue his lentgh lets him shoot over people.

I dont think Lebron is as bad in the clutch as people make it seem. Durnat has options of other guys to go to. Lebron had crappy teams in CLE and somehow got to the finals. Wade is busted up and nobody else on MIA can be trusted to do antyhting. Haslem is the only guy doing thing right now for the on a consistent basis.

Didnt Lebron play well alst year against CHI and then DAL just was just a better deeper team.

Lebron is just as good in the clutch as Kobe, and nobody says Kobe is terrible in the Clutch.

And if by Clutch you mean last 2 minutes of a close game Melo is the most succesful.
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