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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
you are right..5 hour energy is 0 calories and so obviously by your logic it must fail as well to provide energy.
It does fail to provide energy. Caffeine does not "provide energy."

Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I work out fasted so that why I stared using bcaas.
It's not fasted if you're taking protein beforehand.

Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
A lot of people use BCAAs during exercise. You don't.
Yes I do. BCAAs come in food. Anything with protein has BCAAs and quality whey protein is almost half BCAAs.

The fact is that energy comes from calories. Sugars, proteins, and fats provide energy. Taking a supplement with a bunch of vitamins and maybe a few calories worth of sugar and protein isn't going to "provide sustained energy" or some other nonsense.

Electrolytes are good. Sugar is also good. When your energy stores are depleted from long periods of exercise, the best thing you can do to restore them and get some more energy is to ingest a high-GI sugar and get some glucose into your cells.
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