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Actually you are don't do leangains, but I assure you that the guy who advocates it and researches it far more than you clearly states that you can take xtend and work out and it is still considered a fasted state. Go ahead and look it up, or continue to be hard headed as usual.

If caffeine and b12 don't provide an energy boost, then what do they do? This is a semantic argument by you for purposes of acting like it a know it all and derailing this thread.

Anyway, you are the king know it all who likes to argue people over everything. Congrats on displaying this trait yet again. I have you on ignore now since all you ever do is start derails over semantics, and don't even know what you are talking about.

Crosscourt, the sugar in gatoraide is not going to prevent dehydration. It is up to you to decide if you need that or not. I am sure you have multiple things you like snack on to provide energy. My main post was simply that an electrolyte supplement is going to really help you out since you lose so much in the humidity. I am not going to allow the annoying little kid to derail the thread anymore, so i'm out.

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