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Originally Posted by BobFL View Post
"On the other hand, LeBron James - unquestionably the most talented player in the league"

The article is fundamentally wrong imo. From strictly talent point of view there are several vastly more talented players. Otoh, he is probably the most athletically gifted player (along with Griffin and few other guys).
Who are the several vastly more talented players than Lebron?

Originally Posted by scotus View Post
Two problems with Kobe when the game is on the line:

(1) Defense knows the ball is going to Kobe and knows he will shoot rather than pass. Double, triple coming.

(2) He has lost quite a bit of foot speed, which was really noticeable last year prior to the prolotherapy in Germany.

But when Kobe had the foot speed, yes, he was the clutchest player.
Kobe is no better or no worse than anyother player in the clutch. He has just becuase of his selfishness been in more situations. And has probably failed more in the clutch as well.

Originally Posted by TMF View Post
I see Lebron as a bully and Durant is a finesse player. Lebron maybe the better player for 43 minutes of the game, but down the stretch I trust Durant over Lebron. That's because Durant's offense has more range...he deadly from the outside and can penetrate to the basket. This year playoff it's Durant who was making key plays down the stretch, and Durant defense is underrrated.

Commentators from ESPN and TNT have criticize for Lebron's inability to close the game. I rather have Wade takes the last shot.
What about 07 Lebron when he destroyed the pistons? Scored 29 of the last 30 points for the Cavs.
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