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Default Pin Cushion!

Hey pdx tennis, I just had the decompression surgery, bursectomy, a/c clean out so I am now 6 weeks post op.

I was in with my PT today and a bit disappointed but she didn't give me any green light whatsoever so start hitting. She did a bit of dry needling as apparently I have some really sore trigger points in the back of my shoulder. That was the second time she did that and every time it made the muscle twitch I shouted! Couldn't help it!

Patience is hard! Especially watching the French open every day and not playing, but Say Chi you are right that I would rather wait and be able to play longer and with no pain recurring. I do feel like the movement is getting much better, I can really lift my arm well now.

I am doing PT routine twice a day and need to work up to doing everything with the small weights before I can hit. That is what she said and I am to work on that for the next 2 weeks.
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