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Default Undefeated season or bust! ~ Summer Training

What's up everyone? I am still recovering from the broken ankle, but I am finally back! It feels good, man.

So, I just wanted to start a new thread since the other two were about my season at RIT and then the really weak one that I never followed up on about getting the "Ok" to start hitting again. This thread will be a log of my training over the summer to go undefeated next year during the season! It will be a long road, and it may not even be an achievable goal, but I am putting everything I've got into it.

I am playing in a tournament this weekend, so I will update during that. I really wanted to play the A draw, but I got the no go from my family and from my own brain telling me to be smart... I have played all of 1 competitive set since coming back so... I am not expecting much.

I will also update the thread with how my lifting and eating (lol) are going. I started up Babylover's variation of Starting Strength this past week and boy let me tell you... It is the real deal. Going on that 1 year bulk and getting hyooge!!!

But yeah, good to be back and I can't wait to see what the summer brings for tennis and strength gains!
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