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Figured I would separate the posts so the OP isn't too cluttered.

Today's Workout: (weight/rep/sets)
-Squats = 130x5x3
-Barbell Bench Press = 130x5x3
-Pendlay Row = 99x5x3
-Chin Ups = 3,1
-Chin Up Negatives = 6,5
-EZ-bar Curls = 50x8x3

The legs are getting back up there which I am so ridiculously happy about! SCREW ATROPHY!!! I make fun of myself for benching as much as I squat now though, it is pretty fun. The last rep of the last set on bench was somewhat assisted. My spotter had his fingers under the bar and that was that. The rows were pretty lame, IMO. I dropped the weight so I could try to correct my form, which I did for the most part, but I wish I could've done more. Chins have always been my achilles heel... So weak! All the way up until my senior year I couldn't even do one... lol. The negatives help though. I want to get up to 10 in a row by the end of summer.

The numbers show just how incredibly weak I am. It should be a lot different at the end of summer, though!

Food for today: 2476cal/268carb/81fat/180protein
Still under maintenance, but I am working the calories up. Gonna go up to around 3000 and then see how my body reacts and if I am putting on weight or not.

Tomorrow is a deadlifting day! These things are fun, but if you screw up in the slightest on form... Bye bye lower back.
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