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Played for a few hours tonite with the Pro One and came away very impressed. Swingweight is higher than my PD12, but I think I can adjust to it. The racquet is heavy enough to do some of the work for you plowing thru the ball. Very SOLID feel on impact and when you crack a semi flat shot through the court, it feels awesome. Definitely a great racquet for driving the ball as opposed to loopy donnay shots, which I do more with the PD. Serves were booming and I was hitting a low flat hard serve, which I don't normally do. Nice feel also and volleys and net play were great. I am just wondering if this may be too much racquet for a 3.5-4.0 level player? It feels closer to a 95" than a 100" for a 97" headsize. No real complaints yet, but I have to see how this higher swingweight works out for me.
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