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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
a straight arm requires a higher level of control and timing than a bent arm and also you need better footwork for a straight arm. and by accounts of ppl i know and from what i read here on tt often a straight arm is harder to learn and harder to achieve consistency with than a bent arm. so i disagree.

Would you have more success trying to precisely hit a small, fast moving object moving towards you and curving with a short stick or a long stick?
You can disagree thats not and issue. But I don't understand what your trying to say? Everyone should do bent arm because they shouldn't work on their foot work, use a less extension and not try to achieve maximum power?

The reason why I say bent arm is more consistent is because it doesnt vary. A bent arm can very in angle, it can vary during the stroke. Creating inconsistency. So you have to think about swing path and bentness of the arm. A straight arm varies very little.

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