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Originally Posted by connico View Post
You can disagree thats not and issue. But I don't understand what your trying to say? Everyone should do bent arm because they shouldn't work on their foot work, use a less extension and not try to achieve maximum power?
I said what i'm trying to say clearly in my last post. no need to try to blow it out of proportion or twist it around to make it sound 'controversial' or 'combative' because someone disagrees with you.

The reason why I say bent arm is more consistent is because it doesnt vary. A bent arm can very in angle, it can vary during the stroke. Creating inconsistency. So you have to think about swing path and bentness of the arm. A straight arm varies very little.
'Consistent' means to be able to hit a ball with a good amount of control and placement repeatedly. To do that requires adjustments and that's why a bent arm is easier to achieve consistency with... because you can vary it. if you footwork is off you can compensate easier. if the ball takes a funny hop you can adjust easier. Also it's easier to judge a ball and strike it when it's closer to your body. with a straight arm the contact point is quite a bit further away from the body than bent arm.

Also, i'm guessing you made up the part about 'kids being able to learn a straight arm easier' part. Have you ever seen any studies or experts stating as such? I haven't. If you have then i concede on that part.

If a straight arm was easier to learn, easier to achieve consistency with etc etc don't you think most ppl would be playing with a straight arm? I don't know the exact percentages but i can safely say straight arm players are well below 50%.
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