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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
So which is more difficult to learn and which is done more often for amateur players? Adjusting on the fly or achieving near perfect footwork so adjusting isn't necessary?

if the straight arm is easier to learn / consistent then why are there so many 'how to learn the straight arm threads' and not any 'how to learn bent arm threads? How come an overwhelming majority of amateurs and pros use a bent arm?

And no, i have nothing against a straight arm.
Most videos I see are straight arm videos - you know those how to forehand videos. Most of the kids that I teach are straight arm and its not like im forcing them to do straight arm, its just natural for them. I let them do whats natural to themselves.

Adjusting on the fly is easier to do, but from my experience it doesnt really help people learn because they are consistently adjusting on the fly, and doing stuff to thier swing. I don't encourage a kid to over reach or just crowd his hitting zone and adjust for it. I encourage them to be at the right approximate distance and to deliver the racquet to the contact point.

Foot work doesnt have to be near perfect. Footwork is footwork, you put yourself in the right position to hit the ball. It should come naturally. Once your feet are in the right position your body adjust.

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