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Originally Posted by connico View Post
Most videos I see are straight arm videos - you know those how to forehand videos.
most how to videos on youtube are definitely not straight arm unless you are only watching fed and nadal videos. all the how to vids always mention and demonstrate the double bend structure. In fact I don't think i've ever seen even one how to video that demonstrates by using a straight arm or says 'extend your elbow like this so your arm is straight' unless the video was geared to teaching the straight arm specifically. Do you have any of those videos bookmarked or can you show me one?

how many pros can you name right now that use a straight arm? I'll bet you can't name 5 without doing research. I can name only 4 off the top of my head and 1 or 2 that will occasionally use a straight arm like almagro.

I play tennis at several clubs, public parks and high schools about 5-6 days a week every week all year round. It's rare that i will see a straight arm. When I see someone doing a straight arm usually they are between 15 and 21 and they are trying to copy fed / nadal which is ok but still rare. And when i'm out playing i always look at every player on every court and check out their strokes.

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