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Originally Posted by crosscourt View Post
That is exactly right. I am going to be playing where it is much hotter than I am used to and for much longer. Plus I sweat a lot in hot weather. So I feel that I need to be more careful than normal. The sense that I am getting is that an approach that replaces vitamins and electrolytes and that gives me carbohydrates will be enough -- along with water. Is that the consensus?
I want this to be my final word on this because I'm tired of dealing with kids. 10g of BCAA's is not the same as 10g of protein.

The BCAAs in whey are peptide-bound to other amino acids and, in order to be effective, must be liberated through digestion and then absorbed into the bloodstream. Even though whey protein is relatively fast digesting, it still takes several hours for all the amino acids to be liberated and absorbed into the bloodstream.

BCAAs in supplement form, however, are free form, require no digestion, and are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. They spike blood amino acid levels to a much greater and faster extent than peptide-bound aminos. Even a few grams of free-form BCAAs will spike BCAA plasma levels to a much greater extent than a 30g dose of whey protein, thereby impacting protein synthesis and protein degradation to a much greater degree.

The reason BCAA supplements have such a powerful effect on blood BCAA levels is that, is that unlike other amino acids, BCAAs are not significantly metabolized by the small intestine or the liver. Therefore, an oral supplement is more like a BCAA infusion because it reaches the bloodstream so rapidly.

Here are some labels of other BCAA supplements. Xtend's labeling appears to be consistent with industry practice:

I also want to add that people, like myself, with blood sugar problems don't want excess sugar because we don't want to become Type II Diabetics. Even people without high blood sugar need to stay away from too much of it.

For those of you who like your sugared drinks, my advice is to stock up on them right now. If our president gets re-elected, Michelle will take your drinks away from you in the name of keeping you trim and healthy. That's why you can't even buy a sugared fountain drink larger than 16 oz in New York. The nanny state is coming.

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