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Originally Posted by crosscourt View Post
Quite right and I will do. I didn't realise this would prove so controversial. I had hoped that those of us who play in very hot climates would have a clear view on a good supplement.

Many thanks to everyone who has offered such positive advice.

The absolutely unambiguous recommendation from professionals for playing in those conditions is water, electrolytes, sugars.

What do you see the pros do at the US Open when it's 100 degrees on the court? Water, bananas (electrolytes and sugar), sports drinks. No one is popping BCAA pills, and no one is out there playing fasted.

That's why every major sports drink or gel has electrolytes and sugars, whether fructose, maltodextrin, glucose, whatever. Sodium, potassium, sugar, water.
If you play by the rules some might consider you a *. If that's a problem then, by all means, give away as many points as necessary for their approval

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