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Originally Posted by Gatorluver View Post
Oppps sorry I just googled him-Bryan Shelton. He looks like a player and I really like that NCAA title!
He's taken a team that never won an NCAA Tourney match to win a title a few years later. And he took a player to the individual title that was a pretty solid under dog. That's why I've been telling you to have Spencer talk to him. This guy is good!

He has coached college, USTA HP, and toured with pros like Mali Vai Washington. He has done everything at GT with very tough academic avenues to offer women (engineering or management).

And he and Roland are going to be perfect compliments to one another...especially now that Roland doesn't have to recruit against the guy that just locked down the top recruiting class in the country.

The only concern is how he will handle going from 8 full schollys to divvying up 4.5.

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