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Originally Posted by CaldwellYSR View Post
I care... I love the SEC but I'd rather see some kind of playoff in Football than see the rich white people that run the NCAA D1 get rich.... It should be about the players out there busting their @$$ every single day for most of the year not about making the rich richer while they sit around and don't do a d@mn thing.
I was being sarcastic at the end there. I've seen a few scenarios with 12 or 16 team playoffs for football. That would be so incredible. Why they don't do it just baffles the mind.

As for tennis, please get a frickin' workable, up-to-the-minute scoreboard setup. this ain't the 19th century anymore. Getting off track here. Seeing how few teams have won in the current championship system, tennis is definitely one of the toughest titles to win.
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