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Default come on guys..!! dont cry wolf..

i am sorry guys if i have been too entusiastic in my approach . ..

i never ever ripped anyone off though and i can easily show a great number of sales i have done taht have been working out just fine. ..!!!

i will not accept to be blamed just because sales have not gone thur .. in the marketplace new offers show up all the tiem and sometime´s for me and sometims for the seller too. .. thats part of the princilpal of a free market i guess..

but i dont let my disappointment for an occasional setback lead me to write a thread and put down that seler .. thats is below my standards and i would hope others too and i think it defeats the purpose. i think it is only when someone a seller or a buyer actual really does rip off in either not sendinga racket payed for or if a buyer receives a racket unpayed for.. then ok write a thread and post a warning , by all means..!
never did and never will do that i am not in that category at all.
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