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Originally Posted by CaldwellYSR View Post
You can even keep the bowls, just have them be different games in the playoffs. Which is even more money for the rich slobs that run D1 football. BCS and playoffs can coexist and everyone is happy. It's just silly the way they do it now... like they're so much better than every other single sport and even every other division in football. That being said I'm okay with the SEC dominating every season
I'm fine with keeping the host cities involved and rotating the games around so that eventually everyone gets a big time semi final of championship. I'm an SEC fan too, but I don't think it's fair to the rest of a sport when we get to play for it every year because our conference is so strong. How do we know we are better unless we get to play it off and really prove it year after year?

Even in tennis, I would like the rounds of 64 & 32 played at a host, then the 16 & 8 played at another, then the final four be at the championship site where the singles and doubles tournaments are. I'm sure it would get more attention to tv if it were more isolated and concrete. Realistically, OU could even start the singles and doubles the day of the finals with players not represented in the championship.
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