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Originally Posted by nat75 View Post
Like i said it's impossible to know who would have the better 2hbh because we don't know the ability they have with their non dominant hand. The non dominant hand is the one that commands the stroke.
If we roll a dice (6-sided), it is "impossible to know" whether the number will be below 2 or above 2. However, I would place my bet on above 2.

It is rare we can predict things with 100% certainty, but that doesn't mean we can't or shouldn't make educated guesses.

Originally Posted by nat75 View Post
Females certainly need strength. Have you seen Mauresmo's, Sabatini's, Henin's or even BJK's arms?
Need strength?

Here's Justine in 2000, before her workout craze.

Up to this point she (according to Wikipedia):

- won the junior girl's singles title at the French Open.

- regularly reached the late rounds of international competitions

- won five International Tennis Federation tournaments by the end of 1998.

- began her professional career on the WTA tour in May 1999

- became only the fifth player to win her debut WTA Tour event.

- defeated three top 50 players on the road to the title

I don't think you need strong arms to have a good 1hbh.

Strength helps, which is why she began working out. But "need"? No.
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