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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
Gauntlet thrown. Tell me the best Zyex string and I'll buy it.
I've tried two and they're better than the nylon synthetics I've tried. Judging by your response you still think anecdotal testimonial is all-important. It's amusing that your "Mikeler's multis" topic, which is supposedly such a treasure trove of information doesn't even have your take on such an old and yet compelling string tech, let alone the recent varieties. Dynamite debuted how long ago?

If your topic is truly going to be some sort of replacement for the discussion of TW's scientific testing that you helped shut down then you have a responsibility to at least come up with some testimonial.

As for the much complained about Dynamite coating issue, given that the last set of WB 16 lasted me an entire season of competitive singles and doubles before the coating loss became a significant factor, the limitations of anecdote are obvious. A friend of mine who has been using the string has found the life comparable to NRG-2 and the feel comparable to Babolat 15 gauge gut.

Since I don't have a lot of money to throw around and rarely break strings (Wilson Sensation aside), and since I don't blithely dismiss TW's and RSI's tests (on the contrary, I've found their stiffness measurements to be very useful) I'm not going to give you a lot of testimonial comparison. I will say that Dynamite is the best synthetic I've tried and that the 16 is better than the 17, probably because of reduced string movement.

One thing I can say that isn't addressed by the TW and RSI tests is that the crosses shred before the mains, perhaps because speedy stringers burn the strings when pulling them.

The best Zyex string you'll experience is the one you test, since you haven't tested any of them.
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