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Originally Posted by swedechris
i am sorry guys if i have been too entusiastic in my approach . ..

i never ever ripped anyone off though and i can easily show a great number of sales i have done taht have been working out just fine. ..!!!

i will not accept to be blamed just because sales have not gone thur .. in the marketplace new offers show up all the tiem and sometime´s for me and sometims for the seller too. .. thats part of the princilpal of a free market i guess..

but i dont let my disappointment for an occasional setback lead me to write a thread and put down that seler .. thats is below my standards and i would hope others too and i think it defeats the purpose. i think it is only when someone a seller or a buyer actual really does rip off in either not sendinga racket payed for or if a buyer receives a racket unpayed for.. then ok write a thread and post a warning , by all means..!
never did and never will do that i am not in that category at all.

Hi All,

I have done a few deals with Chris and all went well. Chris has made many contacts with me regarding the purchase of frames. At times he does contact you ask for a pic and a price and then not follow up right away. He has also asked me it sell him frames at a price.. that I just could not do. I just explained that to him and he was ok with that..and it did not stop him from contacting me again for other frames. If Chris does not get back to me right away.. I just field other offers and sell the frame to the 1st serious buyer. Not that I do not think Chris is serious.. I just know that he is looking to get the best deal he can. Of course.. I know how Chris operates. If you are dealing with Chris for the 1st time and you lose a deal waiting for Chris.. I can understand how one might be upset. There are others on this board, that when they contact you regarding purchase of a frame, you know they are going to buy.. and the money order.. PayPal.. check whatever is on the way ASAP. Chris feels that as a buyer that it is his "right" to shop.. and I can respect that..but he also knows when he writes you back a week later the frame.. might be gone. Sooooo when dealing with Chris.. keep this in mind. I hope this helps. Just my experience with Chris.. plain and simple. Not saying who I think is right or wrong.. just the facts Man!

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