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Default Chatter from Peanut Gallery Costs Match

On Friday night my wife played her second round, flex league, doubles playoff match. They split the first four games but my wife and her partner felt under extreme pressure and thought they might lose.

After game four a friend of the opposing team arrived. Her divorce just came through, she had been drinking in celebration, and although a very experienced 4.0 she began offering advice and commentary from the stands.

At first my wife and her partner were annoyed by the intrusion. Then the opposing team fell apart! They were completely distracted by their drunken friend and unable to get her to quiet down. My wife and her partner then cruised to an easy victory in 2 sets, thankful for the commentary from the peanut gallery.

It was so bad at one point the drunk in the stands was cheering my wife's winners!

After the match the opposing Team finally chided the friend telling her she cost them the match. But the three were then seen in the parking lot drinking champagne in celebration of the divorce.
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