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It's simple really. People look to their own flawed experiences, and foolishly think what they go through applies to the champions. For instance, a 1.0-wannabe 5.0 hacker who lacks power, blames the racket. A champion blames fitness, technique, timing. By the logic on this board, you would think that for every ranking pt, the player should use a racket 1 sq in larger, and they would play just as well as the person above them. Remember, it's the bad carpenter that blames his tools.

For instance, Djokovic uses a 98 sq in head.
Nadal - 99 sq in to beat him
Federer - 100 to beat nadal
player #100 - 198 sq in to beat #99 who's using a 197 sq in racket.

Ridiculous isn't it.

Imagine of Roger was to say to all his critics, "OK, I'll play you, and everytime you lose, you need play with a racket 5 sq inches larger. If you eventually get to a size that's illegal for tennis. JUST QUIT TENNIS". ALL of the know-it-alls on this boards would be picking up another sports in less than a week.
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