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Originally Posted by treeman10 View Post
Agree. That's why I like a year of college and if you end up at the top of NCAAs then go for it, but even then it doesn't always work out. Then you don't trade that life experience away. Which leads to this question (which maybe a thread of it's own), in the last few years, of those going pro early (prior to college) or after a year or so, who is doing well enough to say it was the right decision? It seems we talk about them going pro then they disappear from conversation....are there any standouts that went pro early - say before 19 or 20 - on the tour now?
The only recent one I can think of is Sam Querrey. He is the only one that could have gone to college who went pro and actually did well(of course I am not countine players like Harrison where college was never an option). Everyone else usually hovers around in futures and maybe challengers and then makes a breakthrough around the same time they would have graduated college or often times no breakthrough at all.
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