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Originally Posted by tennis_tater View Post
Just curious, but are your players legal simply because they are computer rated, or did they answer the self rate questions honestly themselves when they self rated, but simply slid under the radar?
They all filled out the forms legally. There is one guy in question on my team who is really good, but is not from the US and never played college tennis or had high junior ranking. He played for a rival team in another league for a year and was computer rated. We became friends and asked him to join my team last year. This is now his third season. We have people on the team who are 4.5 now and were computer rated 4.0s but over the years improved and got bumped to 4.5. We turn down people every year because we know they will wind up being rated too high. Everything is kosher, they are just ****ed because they think we cheat (but we don't) and they got caught.

There is another self-rate guy in the league who might even be better than the guy in question, but he has no past history that can be found that proves he should be higher than 4.5 except to watch him play for yourself. It is what it is. Maybe he gets 3 strikes, maybe he gets bumped for next season. But, as far as I can tell, he didn't lie on his self-rate form.

The other team should have rated their guy legally and then appealed the rating.
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